The Health Benefits of MSM

Many of my clients ask me what they can do to help themselves reduce pain and inflammation. I always tell them that what we put into our body is crucial. We can’t expect to be given a “sports car”, but fill it up with low grade diesel and then still expect it to perform at peak. Nope, that is essentially what we do to our body. So just as we are taught to brush our teeth twice daily to prevent decay, so we should be made aware of taking MSM as supplement from an early age (but hey, its never too late).

A combination of Vit C and MSM can do miracles for our body. From improved skin, nails, connective tissue, muscle ligaments and the list goes on. You can go and do a quick search in YouTube to see but some benefits. (included a link to one YouTube clip below)

I believe we should ALL be taking MSM daily. Let me list some benefits for you: Reduce Inflammation, Improve skin, Speed up muscle recovery after exercise(sports), Alleviate arthritis symptoms (pain and stiffness), Relieve allergy symptoms by reducing inflammation, can boost immunity, May have cancer fighting properties.

So now you can see why I get so enthusiastic when I speak about MSM.

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