Stress – What does it really mean?

bsr-unlock-tension-1Stress is a part of everyday living, the demands that life places upon us. A certain amount of stress is necessary, in fact essential, to our living process. It provides us with challenges that stimulate us to strive for survival and progress.

Our body responds to stress by secreting the hormone adrenaline that prepares us for ‘fight or flight’, to deal with a potential threatening situation.   Our bodies respond in this manner whether the stress is physical or psychological.

There is mechanical stress such as falls, heavy lifting and incorrect posture.

Chemical stress may occur in the form of air pollutants, additives and colorants in food and harmful chemicals in some cosmetics. Also, we all experience mental and emotional stress.

Stress overload

When the stressful forces applied to individuals go beyond the limits of their adaptability, stress overload occurs and some outside help is needed. When stresses accumulate to the point of stress overload, the stress has a physical effect – it becomes “locked” into the body. It may manifest as tightness or a line of tension anywhere in the body. A person with body stress may feel tense, tired or even lack of energy/zest for life.

You may be thinking “how serious can a bit of tension be?” Because of the impact on the nervous system, the effects of body stress range from mild to debilitating.

Body stress may manifest as:

– Pain
– Cramps
– Pain in lower back
– Painful, stiff neck and shoulders
– Growing pains
– Headaches
– Restless legs
– Whiplash
– Numbness
– Pins and needles
– Muscle weakness
– Stiffness, with restricted movement and loss of flexibility
– Distorted posture
– Joint degeneration
– Fatigue
– Psychological effects
– Aggression and Anxiety
– Disturbed function
– Infertility
– Numbness or pins & needles
– Digestive problems such as heartburn, constipation or diarrhoea
– Painful menstruation
– Sleeping problems